The tech entrepreneur was arrested at their California residence following a domestic dispute that turned violent, leaving fans and followers in utter disbelief. Dive into the details of this high-profile incident that's making headlines!

The drama unfolds on screen and off

In a tale that's more gripping than any 'Selling Sunset' episode, Christine Quinn finds her personal life under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Her husband, Christian Dumontet, was cuffed and stuffed by the LAPD after a domestic kerfuffle went south!

Here's the lowdown: On a seemingly peaceful March 19th at the Quinn-Dumontet homestead, things took a dramatic turn. The cops got a call about a family feud that had escalated to the point of no return. According to the boys in blue, Christian lost his cool and chucked a bag with glass.

Talk about a dangerous pitch! But the real heartbreaker? The bag missed its mark and hit their toddler, causing injury. First responders swooped in to treat the little one, thankfully avoiding a trip to the hospital.

Now, Christian's cooling his heels behind bars, booked on assault with a deadly weapon charges. Yikes! That's not the kind of accessory you want to be flaunting, especially not in the glam world of 'Selling Sunset.'

Remember the fairy tale? Christine and Christian's romance was a whirlwind. They met, they clicked, they got hitched – all in the public eye. Their 2019 wedding was nothing short of a spectacle, with every opulent detail captured for the reality show's hungry audience.

And who could forget Christian's swoon-worthy speech about their instant connection? "We had an instant banter," he said. But now, it seems their banter has taken a dark turn.

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We are definitely on the case, reaching out to Christine's reps for the juicy details. But as of now, mum's the word from Camp Quinn.

Stay tuned, folks! This story is developing faster than a Hollywood script. Will the couple's love withstand the test of tabloid scrutiny? Only time will tell!