• Jack Nicholson grew up not knowing the truth about his family
  • His parents and siblings were not who he thought they were
  • Nicholson only found out his real mother at the age of 37

Jack Nicholson's life story would make a good movie. The legendary actor has been through a lot in his personal life. In fact, for 37 years, Nicholson was kept in the dark about the shocking truth of his family.

Jack Nicholson's family lied about who his mother was

For three decades, Jack Nicholson unknowingly lived a lie in his home. The woman he believed was his sister... was actually his mother.

And it goes even further: the one he thought was his mother all those years was actually his grandmother. So what happened?

Also interesting:

The Hollywood star was born in 1937. His mother June Frances Nicholson was then only 16 years old and unmarried. As a result, his grandmother pretended to be his mother to give her daughter June a normal life.

So Jack Nicholson grew up believing that his grandmother Ethel was his mom and June was his big sister. The star of The Shining did not learn about his true parentage for a very long time – in fact, for a whole 37 years.

As it turns out, if Nicholson hadn't become famous, he probably wouldn't have learned the truth...

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