• Throughout Hollywood's history, there have been many unfortunate mishaps on set
  • Some accidents have unfortunately taken the lives of many
  • Bad props and dangerous stunts are usually to blame

Filmmaking can be a very dangerous business. With all the stunts and props that are used at any one point on a film set, it's a wonder that accidents don't happen more often. Nevertheless, they do happen. In October 2021, a terrible accident during the shooting of the film Rust shook the world in which Alec Baldwin shot and killed a camerawoman.

Tragedy is no respecter of big names

The actor was supposed to use a movie gun for a scene that fired by mistake. Halyna Hutchins was hit and fatally injured, as America media reported. Director Joel Souza was also shot and taken to the hospital with injuries. The shooting of the film was interrupted even to this day.

Also interesting:

Going further into the past, we can find other instances where tragedy made its way into the film set. Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee fell victim to a similar fate during a terrible accident on the set of The Crow in 1993 in a story that gripped Hollywood.

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