• The movie Sister Act came out 30 years ago
  • Whoopi Goldberg led the cast of the hit film
  • See the Sister Act stars today in our video!

Whoopi Goldberg had just won an Oscar for Ghost and when she followed that up with Sister Act, she proved that she was not a one-hit actress. Sister Act may not have been #1 at the box office but it enjoyed the number 2 spot for a full month and that can be just as lucrative.

See The Sister Act Cast 30 Years Later!

Besides generating a sequel, Sister Act was also adapted as a stage musical and rumor has it that a third film may be on the way.

'Sister Act': What The Cast Looks Like Today

When you look back on one of your favorite movies and then realize how long it's been, you might ask yourselves what the cast members have been doing since.

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To hear what not only Whoopi is up to these days but also Sister Act stars Kathy Najimy and Maggie Smith, just watch the video above.