• Sister Wives was a hit reality show on TLC
  • It followed life inside a polygamous marriage
  • Here is where the stars are at now

The concept of the show was a headline grabber from the very start. And fans from all over the place tuned in to see the action. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown all shared Kody's lap. TLC had a sure fire hit on their hands, that is still talked about today!

Sister Wives changed reality television forever

As could be expected, the complicated polyamorous relationship captivated fans every single week. But where exactly are the stars of the show now after all this time? Sadly, the years have not been very good to Kody Brown...

Also interesting:

After quite a lot of drama, Kody now only has one wife! People magazine shared a clip in which Meri Brown confirmed her marriage to Kody was over, and it was his decision to walk away!

Watch the video above to learn more!