• Joe Alwyn is an actor
  • He is dating Taylor Swift
  • He opened up about how he helped write Swift's newest albums

While sitting down with GQ Hype, Joe Alwyn made it clear that while he's thrilled about his change of artistic expression, it wasn't always his plan! During the Covid lockdowns, Alwyn and his girlfriend wrote two albums! 

Joe Alwyn says songwriting was "accidental"

Joe Alwyn wrote music with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, maybe you've heard of her? The two were locked down in 2020 with the rest of the world while the Coronavirus pandemic raged. And, what better way to pass the time than make some music! That's exactly what the two did. 

So Cute! Joe Alwyn Opens Up About Writing Music With Girlfriend Taylor Swift

"It was really the most accidental thing to happen in lockdown," he told the outlet. 

The year was a big one for Swift, as she recorded and released two whole albums. Folklore came out first, and then a few months later its sister album Evermore was released. In both albums, Alwyn went under the pseudonym, William Bowery. 

"I was just messing around on a piano and singing badly and being overheard and then thinking, You know, what if we tried to get to the end of it together?" he said. 

Although he said that the career change isn't permanent, he enjoyed working with his honey. 

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He said to the outlet that "it was fun" to write with Swift, and that he was "proud of it". 

"It was nice getting such a positive reception," he said. 

Although the two have been together for some time now, there's little to nothing online showing off the relationship, and Alwyn says that's intentional.

"Our choice is to be private and not feed that side of things," referring to the buzz that always surrounds Swift and her partners.

"The more you do that, hopefully, the more that intrusiveness or intrigue drops off," he added.

Swift also spoke on the incredibly productive year she had in 2020, recording two sister albums. She said in 2020 on her Instagram page that she just had the music in her.

"To put it plainly, we just couldn’t stop writing songs," she wrote at the time.

And well done, too! Swift was highly praised for her work on evermore and folklore, with rave reviews and music critics calling it her best work yet.