• Influencer Saint Von Colucci died at 22
  • He had multiple facial surgeries
  • The young man died as a result on complications

Canadian actor Saint Von Colucci († 22) dies after twelve cosmetic surgeries at the age of 22. The K-pop fan's agent reveals to the 'Daily Mail' that Saint died of complications following surgery at a hospital in South Korea.

Death of influencer Saint Von Colucci 

Saint Von Colucci wanted to change his appearance significantly in order to be able to work successfully in the South Korean film and music business since his Western appearance is said to have inhibited his success.

The plastic surgeries were all completed within a year and cost Saint Von Colucci around $300,000. In addition to implants, and lifting, the procedures also included nose and lip corrections.

Also interesting:

The actor recently got a chance to portray BTS' K-pop singer Jimin in a series. Because of the offer, Saint Von Colucci wanted to get a jaw implant to look more like the pop idol.

On April 22, the implants should have been removed again because an infection formed. Complications arose, and a few hours later the young actor died. Rest in peace.