• Sophia Bush is out
  • She is now queer
  • Sophia is navigating a new life

Sophia Bush, the 41-year-old actress renowned for her roles in "The O.C." and "Chicago P.D.," has recently opened up about her journey towards embracing her queer identity after her split from ex-husband Grant Hughes. In a candid revelation on her "Work in Progress" podcast, Bush shared the pivotal moments that led her to this liberating self-discovery.

Sophia's world

Dive into the details of her story, her past relationships, and how she found happiness and love anew with professional soccer player Ashlyn Harris.

Sophia Bush, the dazzling star with a history of high-profile relationships, has always kept her fans on the edge of their seats. But it's her latest revelation that's truly turning heads! After parting ways with Grant Hughes, her husband of just one year, Bush experienced what she describes as an "aha moment" about her sexuality, thanks to a little nudge from a close friend.

Picture this: Sophia Bush, a heartbroken divorcee, finds solace in the words of a friend who dares to say what no one else would - "I don't actually think you like men." This bold statement sparked a journey of self-discovery for Bush, who had previously only been in relationships with men, including fellow stars Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty.

Bush's story of self-discovery is nothing short of inspirational. From her teenage crush on a "beautiful French exchange student" to her realization that she "just gets to like who she likes," Bush's narrative is a testament to the power of embracing one's true identity. Her declaration of queerness, shared with a smile and open heart, marks a pivotal chapter in her life.

Enter Ashlyn Harris, the professional soccer player who has captured Bush's heart. Following Harris's own divorce from Ali Krieger, the pair confirmed their relationship in October 2023, making a stunning red carpet debut and quickly becoming #CoupleGoals. Despite swirling engagement rumors, Bush assures fans that for now, she's just reveling in her newfound happiness and embodiment.

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Sophia Bush's journey is more than just a personal victory; it's a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with their identity. Her story underscores the importance of self-acceptance, the beauty of love in all its forms, and the courage it takes to live authentically.