• Ben Affleck let his son sit in the driver's seat
  • Then the incident happened
  • The ten-year-old drove the Lamborghini into a parked car

How could that happen? Everything seems to be going well again for Ben Affleck (49). He is happy with his wife Jennifer Lopez (52) and the entire family is getting along harmoniously. Now, however, there was a small incident that could make you doubt the aforementioned. 

Ben Affleck's son hit a BMW

Ben's youngest son, Samuel, ran a dealership's Lamborghini into a parked car when he was just ten years old, as documented in a video obtained by the Daily Mail. How could this have happened?

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Ben allowed his son to sit in the driver's seat where he put the car in reverse with the door open and promptly crashed into a BMW. His dad, who was standing next to the luxury car, wasn't able to react fast enough - and neither could stepmom J.Lo, who sat in the backseat.

Samuel seemed to have been a bit frightened but was then comforted by his daddy and Jennifer Lopez - who took the little boy by the hand for a little walk right away. A spokesman for the actor and the car dealership announced to TMZ, but in retrospect, everything was "all good" in the end.