• Seth Green is an American actor and comedian
  • He shockingly turns 50 years old today
  • HERE is a look back at his life and times

If you've gone to the movies or watched television in the last 25 years, you already know Seth Green's work. Green was named the "Best TV Actor" by 'Entertainment Weekly' magazine and 'E! Entertainment Television's' poll once proclaimed him the hottest young actor in Hollywood.

Seth has been around for some time now

Seth Green has worked almost non-stop since he began in the business at age seven. Green was born on February 8, 1974, to an artist and a math teacher in West Philadelphia where he grew up with his older sister. He signed with a manager who had him working the next day on an RCA/John Denver promotion. Soon he was commuting regularly between Philly and locations across the country.

At eight, Green landed his first film assignment; a co-starring role in 'Hotel New Hampshire' with Jodie Foster and Rob Lowe. At twelve, Green auditioned for Woody Allen and was given a date to report to work.

Because of Allen's legendary penchant for secrecy on the set, Seth had no idea he would be filming for eighteen weeks in New York and wind up with the leading role in 'Radio Days.' "He's a brilliant director, he lets you contribute but he still knows how to get exactly what he wants out of you," recalls Green.

Seth had roles in several feature films including 'Big Business,' 'My Stepmother is an Alien,' 'Can't Buy Me Love' and many others. Green was a series regular as the son in ABC's 'Good and Evil,' ABC's 'The Byrds of Paradise,' and CBS' 'Temporarily Yours.'

From his early days as a child star to becoming the toast of Tinseltown, Seth Green has been a force to be reckoned with. Named "Best TV Actor" by 'Entertainment Weekly' and the "hottest young actor" per 'E! Entertainment Television's poll', Green's star power at 50 is as dazzling as ever!

Alongside Matthew Senreich, Seth is the mastermind behind the Emmy-nominated sensation 'Robot Chicken' on Adult Swim. Not content with just one hat, Green juggles co-executive producing, writing, directing, and voice acting each week. And let's not forget his 2008 Annie Award triumph for Directing the 'Robot Chicken: Star Wars' special. Talk about a multi-talented maverick!

Also interesting:

For many fans these days, Seth is the unmistakable voice of "Chris Griffin" on the internationally renown animated comedy show 'Family Guy.' Seth has become an icon of animation in no small part thanks to "Chris" and the popularity of the show.

And let's not forget his role as "Scotty" in the 'Austin Powers' film saga which ironically was one of the most iconic characters in the whole series despite having very few lines.

Seth Green's journey from a precocious Philly kid to a Hollywood heavyweight is nothing short of inspiring. With iconic roles in 'Austin Powers,' 'Can't Hardly Wait,' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' Green has proven that he's the ultimate scene-stealer.

It's not every day that you become an action figure, but for Green, it's just another Tuesday. With his likeness immortalized in plastic, Green has reached peak pop culture royalty.

His personal life is to be envied. Set has been married to Clare Grant since 2010. They first met in 2007 at the reopening of their favorite comic book store, Golden Apple Comics, where Green was on-hand to sign autographs and Grant was photographing the event.

"We met that night but didn’t have the opportunity to connect," he tells 'People' magazine. "Then we met each other a second time at Comic-Con. We both had so much in common and kept running into each other throughout the week." After a mutual friend passed Grant’s phone number to Green, the two met up for, as Green puts it, "a play date."

The rest is history...

Always candid, Green reflects on his early fame with humility and a dash of humor. A true artist at heart, he's as passionate about his craft as he is about his action figures.