• Mike Tyson is arguably the greatest boxer of all time
  • His origin story is heartbreaking and shocking
  • HERE is a quick look at how he came to be him

Here is a quick look at how this boxing giant came to prominence, and where it all began for him. Michael Gerard Tyson was born in Brooklyn, New York, in June of 1966. As a child, he endured a particularly difficult start to life.

He's not "Iron Mike" for nothing....

Tyson was sexually abused by a stranger when he was seven, and his mother, who was an alcoholic, died when he was just 16. Tyson's life would descend into a murky world of crime and rebellion.

"Everything was so hostile, cops always stopping you, ambulances always coming to pick up somebody, guns always going off, people are getting stabbed," he recalled.

Also interesting:

By 11, he'd already been introduced to acid and cocaine. He'd also been arrested more than 30 times before he was even a teenager...

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