• Stephen Colbert is the host of 'The Late Show'
  • He made some harsh jokes about Princess Kate's absence
  • Now he is walking those comments back

The Princess of Wales had been absent from the public eye, sparking a whirlwind of speculation and rumors, only to reveal her health struggles in a candid video message. Colbert's heartfelt apology and well-wishes for Kate's recovery have stirred the celebrity world, prompting a conversation about the intersection of comedy and personal tragedy.

Stephen's very sorry

In a stunning turn of events, Stephen Colbert faced the music on live television, extending a sincere apology to Princess Kate Middleton after her shock cancer announcement.

The internet has been ablaze with reactions, and Colbert's contrition is the latest buzz!

"Kate's Courage Strikes a Chord!" Colbert said, visibly moved by the royal's plight. "I've made jokes that have upset people before, but I never aim to mock someone's misfortune," he confessed to his audience.

The late-night landscape is no stranger to controversy, but Colbert's remorse has shown a softer side to the satirical sphere.

"Royal Recovery Hopes!" The Princess, known for her grace and resilience, is now facing her toughest challenge yet. Colbert, along with a global chorus of well-wishers, is rooting for a "swift and thorough" comeback for the beloved royal.

Kate's determination to bounce back and resume her royal duties has inspired fans and foes alike.

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"King Charles III: 'Catherine's Courage is Commendable!'" The monarch's heartfelt statement underscores the royal family's unity in the face of adversity.

As Kate's health journey unfolds, the world watches with bated breath, hoping for a fairy-tale ending to this real-life royal battle.