As the world turns on Ellen DeGeneres, there are some fellow showbiz moguls that are making it clear they're sticking up for their friend!

During his latest appearance on the TV show People by Fox News, Steve Harvey details his long friendship with DeGeneres and concludes she really is as kind as she seems.

Steve Harvey protects his longtime friend

During his interview on the Fox News special, Steve Harvey came to the defence of his friend Ellen DeGeneres as rumours circulate she may not be as nice as she seems on the small screen.

Harvey detailed his relationship with his DeGeneres, remembering their longtime friendship, and how influential she's been to him as a comedian.

While saying she was "one of the coolest and kind people" he's ever met, he also goes on to say that despite her fame, she hasn't changed.

Harvey said DeGeneres was "still the person that I’ve known for a number of years, that I saw back in the comedy club days when we used to split time with the same management."

When Harvey was asked about why the allegations of toxicity in the workplace started circulating, Harvey theorizes that "people always want to make something out of nothing."

"[DeGeneres] has no control over what every staff member does, what every producer does, you can’t control that. You don’t even know some of the stuff that’s happening," he said.

In terms of allegations that DeGeneres's workplace was a racist environment, Harvey insists that wouldn't have come from her.

"I’m a 63-year-old Black man. I’ve been Black the entire time. I ain’t took no days off. I ain’t experimented with nothing else. I ain’t got nothing else going. I’ve been a Black dude my whole life. I know racism,” he said.

"If I have a conversation with you, I know if you got racist tendency somewhere in you because it radiates," he added. "I can feel it. I’ve been around a long time, man. That’s not Ellen DeGeneres. That’s just not her, period."

As for the future for DeGeneres, Harvey says he knows she will make it out on the other side.

"I think Ellen’s going to be absolutely fine, myself. I really do," he concluded.

Ellen DeGeneres will be addressing the scandal head-on when The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs for a new season, beginning on Sept. 21.