Steve Martin is getting examined in a biopic project

It's a two-part documentary about him

It's Steve like never before

It's going to be very interesting. This Apple Original Films production promises an intimate look at the man behind the laughter. From his meteoric rise in the '70s to his introspective present, 'STEVE! (martin)' is the double feature that fans never knew they needed!

A new look at Steve's mind

Hollywood's beloved wild and crazy guy, Steve Martin, is baring it all in a two-part documentary that's got Tinseltown buzzing! Directed by the award-winning Morgan Neville, 'STEVE!' is set to split your sides and tug at your heartstrings, all in one go.

The first installment, "Then," takes us back to the '70s, where Steve Martin transformed from a Disneyland employee to a stand-up sensation. With every seat filled in arenas nationwide, Martin's unique brand of humor was more than just a laugh; it was a cultural phenomenon. But it wasn't all sunshine; the doc peels back the curtain on Martin's quest for his father's approval and the emotional toll of his skyrocketing fame.

Fast forward to "Now," and we see a different Steve Martin. The arenas are behind him, and the silver screen beckons. But as the laughs continue, we delve into Martin's passion for art, his past and present loves, and his unexpected joy in fatherhood. It's a portrait of a superstar, yes, but also of a man who's as complex as he is talented.

You'll hear from the likes of Martin Short (comedian), Lorne Michaels (producer), and Jerry Seinfeld (comedian), who all chip in to paint a picture of the enigmatic entertainer. And, of course, there's Steve Martin himself, more candid than ever, offering a treasure trove of insights into his 78 years on Earth.

From auctioned memorabilia to deep dives into his creative genius, 'STEVE!' is as exhaustive as it is entertaining. Neville's doc is a love letter to a man who's given us so much yet kept so much hidden—until now.

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Mark your calendars for March 29, 2024, because that's when 'STEVE! (martin)' drops on Apple TV+. With a TV-MA rating and a combined running time of over 3 hours, this is one double feature you won't want to miss!