• Stranger Things Noah Schnapp recently came out
  • His co-star David Harbour has commented on it
  • These are his touching words

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp announced his coming out earlier this year through a TikTok video. Fans from all over the world were quick to congratulate Noah for beginning a new era in his life and for being courageously open about it.

Noah Schnapp has all the support he needs

His colleague Finn Wolfhard already talked about his friend's courageous step saying this: "I'm incredibly proud of Noah for coming out publicly like that. I think it was so incredible and brave," said Finn to IndieWire.

Also interesting:

Now "Sheriff Hopper" actor David Harbour has also put his two cents in and commented on Noah's major public announcement. "I’m always happy for people that are true to themselves and come out," he told E! News...

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