Suzanne Somers remained calm and collected as she dealt with a home intruder during a livestream show this week.

On Friday, Somers was live on Facebook when, 40 minutes into her show, a man wandered into her home and had to be asked to leave. The scary ordeal was captured on video, as Somers firmly told the man—who seemed somewhat disoriented—that he wasn't welcome in her home.

Video: Suzanne Somers handles home intruder on livestream

During the show, the ex-Three's Company actress was discussing make-up when she was suddenly interrupted by noise. "Is somebody here? I just heard a person," Somers says. A man off-screen then identifies himself, explaining that he was "terrified" as there were "ghosts" following him after he had been hiking on a nearby hill.

"Oh, okay — you shouldn't be here," Somers tells the man. Her husband, Alan Hamel, then adds, "This is our home," before Somers says, "But anyway, you don't scare me. You shouldn't be here."

"You seem like a very nice person, but you shouldn't be here," she adds. They then instruct the man on how to leave the property after he lingers. As he's escorted away, Somers tells her viewers: "I'm sorry about that. I'm as shocked as you all are. I've never had anybody just kind of walk on to my property like that. And he acted like it was all okay. It's not."

The ordeal can be viewed around the 40:40 mark of the livestream below.

Fans were concerned during the incident, during which Somers occasionally flashed wide-eyed glances to the camera. She afterward speculated that the man may have underestimated when nightfall arrives while hiking, adding that she would be calling the police as she wrapped up the show a few minutes later.

She later returned to comment on the video: "All clear and safe! Thanks for your concern. Have a great weekend." Somers, 74, has been married to her husband, Alan Hamel, since 1977.

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