• Suzanne Somers was a legendary American actress
  • She was best known for 'Three's Company'
  • THIS was her cause of death

In a statement, her press secretary announced that she had been battling "an aggressive form of breast cancer for over 23 years." The actress had beaten cancer several times in her life. She had skin cancer in her late twenties and breast cancer for the first time when she was around 50.

Suzanne was beloved around the world

She has always spoken publicly about her battle against the disease. Somers was treated for cancer several times in her life. "Even when I played 'Chrissy' on the show, I had cancer three times," Somers told 'CBS News' in 2020.

Also interesting:

"They call it severe hyperplasia in your uterus. I didn't make a big deal about it," Suzanne said. In the same interview, the actress shared that she had a malignant melanoma on her back in her 30s...

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