• Sydney Sweeney rocks in Rolling Stones music video
  • The video sparked debate over sexualization in the industry
  • The Emmy-nominee actress denies objectification

Sydney Sweeney (24) turned heads and stirred up a storm with her starring role in the Rolling Stones' latest music video for "Angry," but not everyone's singing praises. The video, a high-octane ride down Sunset Boulevard, features the siren in black studded chaps, owning every frame with her fiery moves. 

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Controversy in the fast lane

Blur's Damon Albarn (54, musician) slammed the video as a "horrible" display of a "young woman objectified." But Sweeney's clapping back with a message of empowerment, telling 'Glamour UK,' "I felt hot." Picking her own outfit from a wardrobe wonderland, Sweeney's feeling nothing but good vibes about her video vixen moment.

The debate rages on, but Sweeney's stance is clear. Embracing her body as "sexy and strong," she's not here for the criticism. "I'm in a Rolling Stones video," she exclaims. "How cool and iconic is that?" With every freestyle move, Sweeney's living the dream on top of a convertible, escorted by the police, no less!

Iconic moves and praise

Joining the Stones in London for their album launch, Sweeney called the gig "the biggest thing ever." And critics like 'Variety's Jem Aswad are nodding in agreement, calling "Hackney Diamonds" the band's liveliest in decades.

As the dust settles on Sunset Boulevard, Sweeney's not slowing down. Catch her alongside Glen Powell in the rom-com 'Anyone but You,' hitting theaters this December. It's a Sweeney season, and we're all just living in it!

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