The hilarious actor and movie director Taika Waititi is getting real about what it's really like being quarantined with his two daughters in a hotel room! Waititi posted a photo to Instagram highlighting the craziness he's in!

Flying back to their homeland of New Zealand, Waititi is hunkered down in a government-mandated hotel room, due to the strict government regulations regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. The country has had record lows for active cases.

Taika Waititi is home at last!

After spending the last few months in Los Angeles, Taika Waititi is able to return to his home in New Zealand! The small country in the pacific has had a record low for Coronavirus cases, and anyone that enters the country internationally must quarantine for two weeks in government-mandated hotel rooms!

Taika Waititi attends The Vanity Fair x Amazon Studios 2020 Awards Season Celebration.

Waititi, who currently is separating from his wife Chelsea Winstanley, is at the halfway point of the isolation with his two small girls, Te Hinekahu, 7, and Matewa Kiritapu, 4.

"Day 7 of 14 day hotel quarantine in NZ," he wrote in his caption alongside a photo of the two girls amidst the crazy mess.

"One dad, two kids, everything going great…. until they found the 'explode suitcases and trash everything' button. Looks like I got a couple of regular Led Zeppelins on my hands," he said.

Waititi was recently interviewed by BBC when he was still in Los Angeles and talked briefly about what it was like being alone with his two girls.

"I’ve just let all of my rules and everything that I wanted to set up go out the window," the Jojo Rabbit director said.

"So my message is, don’t worry," he said. "We’re all losing it and we’re all giving up. I cannot be a school teacher as well as write all this other stuff and work on all these other things. I just can’t do that."