• Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift used to date
  • Their romance was short lived, however
  • THIS is what Lautner says happened

Actor Taylor Lautner and pop megastar Taylor Swift might have been the it-couple for a hot minute back in '09, but it's the tea he's spilling now that's got us all ears! Lautner, known for his werewolf-worthy abs in 'Twilight,' flipped out (literally!) at an Eras movie screening, showing he's still got moves – and memories of Swift!

Taylor is still fond of Taylor

"I think when you respect somebody for who they are, like in their soul, it allows you to move on, forgive and continue that love in a different way," said actor. 

"We stayed friendly, we would see each other now and then. But we then did fall out of touch and didn’t talk for a while,” Lautner continued, noting that the two "were so young" at the time. "But I’ve always had the deepest respect for who she is as a person before anything else."

Their dynamic actually changed more recently, he said. "Honestly I would say one of the greater things to happen in my life over the last year is the rekindling of our friendship."

And there is still a great friendship there, despite ending the romance. He added that she is "above anything else that she is, she is just a wonderful human. And pretty great to have in your life."

The end of their romance is still a bit unclear but the actor confirmed it was Swift who ended things. "Yes, absolutely," he said after some uncertainty. "I’m thinking back on exactly what happened. But no, yeah, she did."

Luckily, Lautner's current bae is a fan of both. Taylor Dome, a registered nurse and longtime fan of Swift’s music, attended the pop star’s Eras Tour concert in Kansas City, Missouri, in July with Lautner as her date. He joined the Grammy winner onstage to premiere the music video he appears in for her track "I Can See You."

"He was a very positive force in my life when I was making the 'Speak Now' album, and I want to say he did every single stunt that you saw in that music video," Swift said at the time when introducing her ex to the crowd.

"He and his wife have become some of my closest friends, and it’s very convenient because we all share the same first name."

Also interesting:

On the steamy mic of "Call Her Daddy," Lautner didn't hold back. He dubbed "Back to December" – the heart-wrenching ballad rumored to be about their winter whirlwind – a total "banger." And when host Alex Cooper prodded about that fateful December, Lautner teased, "You don’t wanna know." Oh, but we do, Taylor, we do!

The big reveal? Swift was the one who called it quits! "She did," Lautner confessed, leaving us wondering what went down in that December to remember. Despite the split, Lautner gushed about their soul-deep respect and how it paved the way for a lasting, albeit on-and-off, friendship.

The pair might have lost touch, but they've since rekindled their platonic flame. Lautner's cameo in Swift's video "I Can See You" marked their public reunion, and he's been singing her praises ever since.

"One of the greater things to happen in my life over the last year is the rekindling of our friendship," he shared. All we can say is: "Awww..."