• Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce continue to go public
  • This time they took a gym for themselves to work out in
  • THIS is the scoop

It was a scene straight out of a VIP playbook! Taylor Swift, the "Cruel Summer" queen, and gridiron giant Travis Kelce turned heads and locked doors at the elite Dogpound gym. Imagine the shock – regular members, pumped and ready, found themselves on a two-hour timeout while T-Swizzle and her Super Bowl beau sweated it out solo!

"Locked Out and Lovin' It?" – Fans React!

Picture this: A crowd of eager gym-goers, their gym bags at the ready, peering through the glass as two celebs dominate the dumbbells. "It was like waiting for an exclusive club to open," one onlooker exclaimed, "except the club was a treadmill, and the bouncers were their reps!"

The dynamic duo, still basking in the afterglow of their sun-kissed Bahamian retreat, traded beachside leisure for LA's workout craze. The Rosalita House escape – a cool $15,000-a-night paradise – was just the prelude to their West Coast fitness saga.

Swift, flaunting her Dogpound-sculpted physique in a teeny yellow bikini, wasn't shy about her intense prep for the upcoming Eras Tour.

"Every day I would run on the treadmill, singing the entire set list out loud," she revealed. And Kelce? He's no stranger to the grind, his NFL routine a testament to peak performance.

Also interesting:

Ever since Swift spilled the beans on her tour training – treadmill marathons, strength sessions, and a no-alcohol policy – Swifties have been trying to mimic the star's regimen. Spoiler alert: It's tougher than it looks!