• Lauren Luyendyk, AKA Lauren Burnham, is an American reality TV star
  • She is best known for participating in The Bachelor, Season 22
  • Lauren has another career that most fans don't know about

Formerly known as Lauren Burnham, she is from Virginia Beach and worked as a tech salesperson. Her LinkedIn page reveals that this position was with CAVU International and she held the job for 2 years and 9 months. But in 2018, Lauren decided to take her career in a different direction, leaving this role to become an entrepreneur...

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Lauren Luyendyk Is Certainly Keeping Busy These Days

Lauren previously worked as everything from a sales associate, to an EMT, to a home health aide. In August 2020, Lauren officially debuted her clothing line, Shades of Rose, which has since become her main focus. But above all things, Lauren is a family woman and a mother. She is keeping very busy making memories with her family every single day!

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