• The Bachelor is a popular romance reality show
  • Season 27 is set to premiere soon
  • Here is the scoop on this season's bachelor

The Bachelor is perhaps the most popular reality romance on all of television, and Season 27 looks to be better than ever. Millions of fans are eagerly anticipating all of the twists and turns of the new season. But before it all starts, here is everything you should know about Zach Shallcross!

Zach is going to melt a lot of hearts this season

Zach is a huge football fan and played for many years. All throughout his high school days, Zach was a student athlete and at one point looked to make it into the big leagues before switching gears professionally.

Also interesting:

But what is his job then? Zach works as an executive in the high-powered technology industry in California. He also graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a degree in business administration...

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