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The Best PG-13 Scenes From 'Dirty Dancing'

Jennifer Grey Talks Making New 'Dirty Dancing' Sequel Without Patrick Swayze

Who doesn't love Dirty Dancing?! After 30 decades we have so many reasons why we still love it. It's simply magical and emotional, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey also have all the moves! 

We are just going to tease you with a scene with "Stan", played by Wayne Knight who is only present in a few scenes. When you see his face in some of these scenes, you might hear alarm bells ringing. Wayne Knight has appeared in countless films and TV series in the '90s like Seinfeld for instance.

The Best PG-13 Scenes From Dirty Dancing

The dancing scene where "Johnny Castle" lifts "Frances" is iconic. We have a video for you with scenes of the movie that maybe only adult eyes should see... Watch the video above here!

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze on Dirty Dancing