• Many sci-fi authors gain international acclaim with their books
  • Website Collider has published a list of the best sci-fi books of the decade
  • Here is their pick of the best stories of the 10 years

It's not easy getting a book published. Least of all if its a science fiction book. Known for being a difficult genre to break into, having any sci-fi book put on shelves is a major achievement.

These books helped define the last decade of literature!

Website Collider has now taken it upon themselves to come up with a list of the best sci-fi novels of the last decade. The first one on our list is a very coveted book titled Dark Matter (2016) by Blake Crouch. Crouch is no stranger to looking into other worlds for his inspiration.

Also interesting:

This, now classic book, explores quantum mechanics' many-world theory, which asserts that every event causes new universes to come into existence based on all possible outcomes. Have we piqued your interest yet?

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