• This is Donna Douglas' only child
  • She starred in 'The Beverly Hillbillies'
  • Her role as a mother was evident

Known for portraying "Ellie May Clampett" in 'The Beverly Hillbillies,' Douglas led a life beyond Hollywood. Let's explore her relationship with her only child.

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Despite her public persona, Donna Douglas was remarkably private about her personal life. Her commitment to shielding her family from the media frenzy reflected a desire to maintain a sense of normalcy for her only child.

Donna's bond with her only kid

Her sole offspring, Danny P. Bourgeois, stemmed from her initial marriage to Roland Bourgeois, culminating in a divorce in 1980.

Douglas' devotion to her role as a mother was evident in the close bond she shared with her only child. Behind the scenes, away from the cameras, she navigated the delicate balance of a demanding career and nurturing a family.

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Life beyond Hollywood

As her Hollywood career evolved, Donna Douglas gracefully transitioned into various roles, including that of a dedicated mother. Her commitment to her child's well-being remained a constant priority.

Donna Douglas' legacy extends beyond her on-screen achievements; it encompasses the love and care she invested in her only child. Her impact as a mother echoes in the enduring memories and values passed down through generations.