The Big Bang Theory "Howard Wolowitz" wasn't always an easy character to like but the intelligent engineer and ex-astronaut grew on us over the years. Played by the talented Simon Helberg, "Howard" stayed with the show from its very beginning in 2007 all the way to its end in 2019. 

The Big Bang Theory may have just ended in 2019 but we already find ourselves missing "Howard" and the rest of the nerdy gang. Let's take a look back on why we fell in love with "Howard" despite his quirks. 

The Big Bang Theory "Howard" 

Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar on The Big Bang Theory season 6 episode 7

The Big Bang Theory's "Howard Wolowitz" is just as intelligent as his friends but often has to prove himself. As the only member of his group to not hold a Ph.D., "Howard" is continually justifying himself to his friends. Sometimes he channels this into trying to land the ladies by showing off his language skills although it often fails terribly.  

While he may have first come off as a bit of a perv, throughout the show's 12 seasons, "Howard" learns to tone it down and become a true ladies' man! He even marries his dream woman and becomes a father by the series' end, just like his real-life actor Simon Helberg!

Simon Helberg Today

Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne attend the series finale party The Big Bang Theory 2019

Not creepy and more sociable than his on-screen character, Simon Helberg married his dream woman, American actress Jocelyn Towne in 2007. The beautiful couple now has two adorable children together, daughter Adeline (9) and son Wilder (7). 

When Simon Helberg isn't busy playing papa these days, he is hard at work on his next projects, Space Oddity and As Sick as They made Us. You can also catch Simon in the musical film Annette (2021). We cannot wait to see more of The Big Bang Theory's "Howard" but in the meantime test your Big Bang Theory knowledge with our quizzes! 

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Cast of 'The Big Bang Theory'

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