Jeff Bridges' career has been long and full of accolades. The span of time between his first Oscar nomination and his latest is 45 years! He is also successful at the Golden Globes with five career nominations, one win, and an honorary Golden Globe.

Bridges has found more than one place in pop culture. He was there at the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Iron Man. Jeff was also in 1982s Tron and the 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy. That same year, he reunited with the Coen Brothers to make True Grit. To take on a role that was once inhabited by the legendary John Wayne must have been daunting but Bridges not only pulled it off but received one of his Oscars nods in the process. Not only did he have to fill the big shoes of "The Duke" but he is also "The Dude" thanks to the Coen Brothers. Not many actors can say that their performance inspired a religion! Dudeism has also been classified as a lifestyle, philosophy, or mock religion but at least it has its own holy day. When John Goodman got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, "The Dude" made an appearance and Goodman was nearly speechless. With all of these achievements, many probably aren't familiar with the early years of Jeff Bridges. Watch the video above to see his origins and early successes.

'The Big Lebowski': A  Look Back At A Young Jeff Bridges 

'The Big Lebowski': A Look Back At A Young Jeff Bridges