Christopher Atkins made his acting debut in 1980 after playing the role of "Richard" in the romantic drama film The Blue Lagoonalongside Brooke Shields who portrayed "Emmeline." The film's plot attracted a lot of attention due to its substantial amount of sexual content, as "Richard" and "Emmeline" are two cousins who discover their sexuality together.

Christopher Atkins' career had some ups and downs

The Blue Lagoon opened the Hollywood doors to Christopher Atkins who from one day to another became a sex symbol. During the 1980's the actor appeared in some television series like Dallasand in films like Listen to Me alongside late actor Roy Scheider. However, Christopher Atkins' career was not always great, during an interview with the talk legend Oprah Winfrey, he revealed that he lost the opportunity to appear in other major projects because he was in a "wild party phase" in his life.

What is The Blue Lagoon star Christopher Atkins doing today?

The actor is still around in the show business! In 2014 he appeared in the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigationone year later he portrayed "Pastor Bob" in A Horse for Summerin the same year he played the role of "Charles" in the fantasy film Kids vs. Monstersas well as the role of "Mike Sparrow" in The Sparrows. His most recent work is in the 2019 film One Remainswhich tells the story of a group of filmmakers who trak into the woods to investigate a disappearance.

Regarding his personal life, Christopher Atkins divorced his long-time wife Lyn Barron in 2007 after more than 20 years of marriage. Together they have two children.

Brooke Shieds in the 1989 movie Brenda Starr.

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