• Heather Thomas starred as "Jody Banks"
  • She is a stunning actress
  • Find out what she's been up to recently

When the actress first appeared as an ambitious stunt woman "Jody Banks" in the action series The Fall Guy from 1981 to 1986, Heather Thomas (65) became a Hollywood sex symbol overnight. Starring alongside Lee Majors and Douglas Barr with her low-cut outfits and a sexy attitude, she made the hearts of millions beat faster and was one of the most sought after pin-up-models of the 1980s.

After starring in the popular action series, she appeared in numerous movies such as Against the Law, as well as in countless TV shows like The Love BoatT.J. Hooker, and Pointman. Heather Thomas ended her career rather abruptly in the late nineties, due to the major stalking that occurred in her life, and instead focused on her writing.

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Today, Thomas does a lot of charitable work and is actively involved in several political campaigns, one of her most notable being a political campaign to help protect rape victims against their attackers. She has been married to media attorney Harry M. "Skip" Brittenham since 1992, with whom she has three daughters, India Rose, Kristina, and Shauna.

Heather Thomas: This is 'The Fall Guy' star in 2019.

Thomas and her family live in Santa Monica, California. She recently made a mini-comeback in the movie Girltrash: All Night Long in 2014.

Now, Thomas is involved in charity work with a monthly gathering at her home to raise funds for causes close to her heart. She is on the advisory boards of the Rape Foundation and Amazon Conservation Team.