John Whaite was just a young 23-year old student getting ready to start a post-graduate position at the Royal Bank of Scotland when he won The Great British Bake Off. Today, he's started a business of his own...

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John Whaite: Winner of 2012's The Great British Bake Off

Today, the once-amateur baker now has his own cookery school, John Whaite's Kitchen, located in Lancashire, England. There, John himself teaches classes ranging from fine patisseries to home-cooked style meals. He's even hosted some courses abroad in NYC!

When he had initially won the baking series, John immediately enrolled in the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in London to earn a degree in Patisserie. On top of that, he had also signed on for his first book deal John Whaite Bakes in 2013. He has written four additional cook books since then: John Whaite Bakes at Home (2014), Perfect Plates in 5 Ingredients (2016), Comfort: Food to Soothe the Soul (2017), and A Flash in the Pan: Simple, Speedy Stovetop Recipes In 2019.

In his private life, John is engaged! He's been together with his designer partner, Paul Atkins, for 11 years now. Check out pics of the handsome couple (and their adorable dog) below!

The couple is slated to get married on Halloween this year! We're looking forward to more pics of not just the lovely duo, but also the wedding cake... which we can imagine will be completed by none other than John himself.