What is "Will's" crush "Charlotte Hinchcliffe" doing today?

'The Inbetweeners': This is Emily Atack Today!

"Carli" is "Simon's" main love interest. She has a lot of influence over her peers, including school bullies. She and "Simon" have been friends since the age of eight. Generally, "Carli" is quite shallow and has little romantic interest in "Simon" but uses his infatuation of her to her advantage.

Emily Head Since The Inbetweeners

Emily Head has had quite a lot of success since her time on the show. She has had a regular role as "Rebecca White" in Emmerdale for 280 episodes. She has also featured as a guest panelist on Loose Women. Who knows where we will see Emily Head next?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

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Eric Braeden, Dale Gudegast and Christian Gudegast

The California native is a very talented actress!

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