• Lou Ferrigno is best known for his role as "The Hulk"
  • He's a real muscle man
  • This is what he looks like today

Lou Ferrigno is still an impressive person today. From 1978 to 1982, the more than two-meter tall bodybuilder embodied the green superhero with the rock-hard muscles in the series The Incredible Hulk.

Lou Ferrigno lost 80 percent of his hearing

Lou started bodybuilding at the young age of 13 to cover up a very special flaw. At the age of three he suffered a middle ear infection and lost 80 percent of his hearing. The loss of his hearing is also reflected in his poor pronunciation.

However, this handicap did not stop the bodybuilder from making a career in the acting business. Lou first came to prominence as Arnold Schwarzenegger's adversary in the 1977 film Pumping Iron.

Lou Ferrigno as "Hulk"


He then played the monstrous superhero "Hulk" in 82 episodes until 1982. Lou also took on the role of the green monster in the three films that followed. Due to his enormous size and the physique of a bodybuilder, the huge muscle man got roles after the series in movies like Hercules, Dessert Warrior and Sinbad.

That's how he is today

Lou Ferrigno is still an actor today, even if things have calmed down around him. 2000 saw a comeback on the sitcom King of Queens. For seven years he played himself and became the neighbor of "Doug and Carrie". In 2017 he starred in the thriller Ring Ring and the series Con Man

Today, the actor mainly relies on his fitness mainstay. Together with his daughter Shanna Ferrigno, he runs a fitness platform that deals with healthy nutrition, physical activity and personal coaching. Lou has been married to his wife Carla Ferrigno since 1980. In addition to their daughter, the two have two sons together.