Al Pacino has been promoting his Oscar-nominated film The Irishman, as well as his new series Hunters in numerous shows in the past weeks. No wonder why he got confused during an appearance on BBC's The One Show. 

The 79-year-old actor seemed to forget which talk show he was on!

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Al Pacino at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California, 2020

Al Pacino forgot which talk show he is on

Al Pacino and his Hunters co-star Logan Lerman were describing how it is to get familiar with a new script, including dreaming about it.Then host Alex Jones asked him: "Did you dream about ‘The One Show’ [last night]?" 

After an evident awkward pause Jones had to clarify: "This is ‘The One Show’.”

Watch the clip here:

Al Pacino thought the interview was over and was about to leave

Later on, Al Pacino thought the interview was over and started getting ready to go... just before a video about his impressive acting career was about to air. "I was just going to leave," he said. 

The One Show host Matt Baker laughed and said: “No, no, you’re not done."