Nick Kroll was born June 5, 1978 in coastal New York. While Nick majored in history with a minor in art and Spanish, the comedian slowly began to grow an interest in media studies and began writing for Comedy Central very early in his career. 

Before co-creating The Kroll Show, Nick Kroll helped to write for Chappelle's Show and MTV comedy show Human Giant. Kroll's acting career would come after starring in ABC sitcom Cavemen in 2007. While the show was short-lived, it would become one of the most significant roles of his career. 

Nick Kroll on The Kroll Show

After guest star roles on Parks and Recreation, Community, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and New Girl, Nick Kroll was ready to take on his own show. In 2014, while starring in FXX comedy series The League, Nick would begin writing and start starring in his own Comedy Central sketch series The Kroll Show.

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With memorable and humorous characters like "Bobby Bottleservice" and "Peter Paparazzo", the series was an immediate success and aired for a total of three seasons! 

Nick Kroll Today

Most recently, you will catch the 43-year-old starring in another co-creation of his, Netflix animated series Big Mouth. Following the story of two teenage friends going through puberty, Kroll knows how to keep audiences coming back for more. And with three amazing seasons of the show, fans won't be left disappointed! 

While the comedian has had some high-profile girlfriends in the past, including fellow comedian Amy Poehler, Nick is currently dating landscape designer Lily Kwong. The pair began dating late last year and seem to be enjoying spending time together while in quarantine. 

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