• The Last Of Us has been one of the most successful video game adaptations ever
  • The show is currently streaming all over the world
  • The second season might have a change in the cast

The television adaptation of the popular video game has become an international sensation with fans spread out all over the globe at the moment. And it's no wonder fans can't wait for the second season to be released. But there are already various rumors about it even now!

Bella and Pedro are perfect on the screen together

And what is the reason for all the speculation? There is a time jump of five years between the first and second video games, which means that the main character "Ellie" is older in the second part.

Also interesting:

All of the video game's fans know this, and so, it's reasonable to assume that Bella Ramsey could be replaced by an older actress. But will that in fact be the case? The show's producers are very clear on what they want, and this is what they had to say...

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