• Mickey Rooney was a famous comedian
  • He was married many times
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Mickey Rooney's spouses all helped him to find love, no matter how long the marriage lasted. Born September 23, 1920, Mickey Rooney would begin performing vaudeville with his parents at just seventeen months old and his film debut would come at the young age of six!

Mickey Rooney's first marriage would come after the rising star fell in love with teenage actress Ava Gardner. Mickey, who was just twenty-two at the time, quickly found himself failing in the role of a husband, preferring to spend his time drinking, gambling, and pursuing other women. The marriage would end after only a year, with Gardner leaving Rooney. 

Mickey Rooney Spouses

Mickey Rooney and Ava Gardner in 1941

Mickey Rooney's other spouses over the years have included:

  • Singer Betty Jane Rase (known by her stage name of B.J.Baker); married from 1944-49 with two sons, Mickey Rooney Jr. and Tim Rooney.
  • Model Martha Vickers; married from 1949-51 with one son, Teddy Rooney.
  • Actress Elaine Devry; married from 1952-58 with two children, Jimmy and Jonelle.
  • Model-actress Barbara Ann Thomason; married from 1958 until Thomason's death in 1966. The pair had four children together.
  • Marge Lane, Barbara Thomason's best friend; married for 100 days between 1966-67.
  • Carolyn Hockett; married from 1969-75 with two sons.

Mickey Rooney's Final Wife

Seven wives and eleven children later, Mickey Rooney would finally find someone he could spend forever with (well almost forever)! Introduced by his son, country singer Mickey Rooney Jr., in 1974, Mickey Rooney Sr. quickly fell in love with the beautiful Jan Chamberlin.

Mickey Rooney and Jan Rooney attend the 82nd Annual Academy Awards 2010

While the marriage wasn't without its ups and downs, Mickey Rooney's eighth and final marriage would stand the test of time lasting longer than any of his previous seven marriages combined. After 34 years of marriage, however, the pair would separate in 2012, just two years before Mickey Rooney's death in 2014.

The actor-comedian, who would have been 101 this year, is remembered for his many marriages as well as his contributions to the silent film era! Starring in over 300 films, including Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) and in the Andy Hardy films, we will forever remember Mickey Rooney and his eight beautiful spouses!

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