• Chris Meloni is a celebrated American television and film actor
  • He is best know for playing "Elliot Stabler" in the Law & Order universe
  • Meloni has many tattoos with a personal message

Chris Meloni is certainly one of the most interesting actors on television today. All though his characters are well-known, the actor himself is a lot more private. Throughout his life, Chris has had some designs done on his body to take with him everywhere. Do you want to know what Christopher Meloni's tattoos are and their meanings?

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The Meaning Behind Chris Meloni's Tattoos

One of them, and probably his most visible, is a religious image that he has on one of his arms. Located on the upper part of his left arm is a representation of the crucifixion of Christ. Meloni has always been a proud Catholic, and his chiseled and toned body is living proof of that!

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