• Many celebrities have left us this year
  • 2022 had famous deaths every month
  • These were the most shocking deaths of the year

Our first celebrity was one of Hollywood's most appreciated figures. On January 9, beloved actor and comedian Bob Saget died unexpectedly from a minor injury. The actor had suffered a blow to his head days prior, when he suddenly collapsed in his hotel room and never woke up again.

These stories broke our hearts this year

Another shocking death came a little later in the year. Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, was also found dead in a hotel room in Colombia at 50 years old, back in March. Hawkins was on international tour when his heart stopped beating. A drug overdose is still the suspected cause of death.

Also interesting:

In May, legendary actor Ray Liotta also died unexpectedly in his sleep at 67 years old. Known mostly for being a "tough guy" on screen, his death was rather unexpected. Liotta had no health complications and is said to have suddenly died peacefully while he slept...

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