• Brendan Fraser was a popular actor many years ago
  • He has now popped back in the movie scene
  • Learn more about him and his career

Brendan Fraser has been in the spotlight longer than most. After becoming world-famous starring in movies like George of the Jungle, he devoted himself to more serious films. This led to his role in the war/drama The Quiet American. But he couldn't part ways from the comedies completely and took over the supporting role of "Jordan's" brother "Ben" in the cult series Scrubs.

The Mummy: This Is Brendan Fraser Now

The former heartthrob would have more success in the late 2000s, playing roles in movies like Inkheart. However, many films starring the actor would begin to flop soon after and the leading roles had started to become supporting roles. In 2018 he celebrated his comeback and starred in the series Trust.

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Brendan Fraser's career is far from over, but you have to look twice to recognize him nowadays. Watch the video above to find out more!