• Renée Taylor became world famous through The Nanny
  • Today the actress is 89
  • The "Sylvia Fine" actress still looks amazing

The Nanny star Renée Taylor (89) was loved by the audience in her role as "Sylvia Fine". But even before her first appearances as an actress in 1959, Renée Taylor celebrated huge success as an author.

For many years, the actress wowed in The Nanny until the series was canceled in 1999. Today, Renée Taylor is a proud 89 years old and still looks fantastic. The star doesn't seem to have aged much in recent years. Also in 2022, she was a welcome guest at various events. The 89-year-old beams at the camera in a new photo she shared with singer Debbie Weliman at the Happy 100th Birthday Judy Garland party in New York.

Renée Taylor: Start of a great career

Let's take a look back at Renée Taylor's incredible career. Together with her husband Joseph Bologna (†82), she wrote the play Lovers and Other Strangers, which was extremely successful on Broadway. She and her husband even earned an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for the film, which was filmed in 1970 and directed by the couple.

From 1971 to 1973, the actress won three consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Screenplay for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Show.

Up until the early 1990s, Renée Taylor could be seen in countless films and series, including It Had To Be You and The End of Innocence.

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1993 followed the role of the always-hungry "Sylvia Fine" in the series The Nanny. As a demanding yet lovable mother to nanny "Fran Fine" (Fran Drescher, 65) she played her way into the hearts of viewers until 1999 when the series ended.

This performance then brought Renée Taylor her final international breakthrough.

Renée Taylor backstage after a performance of "My Life on a Diet"

Renée Taylor after the end of The Nanny

Even after the end of the sitcom, Renée Taylor appeared in a wide variety of films and television series, even if the really big roles didn't materialize. She has had guest appearances on Ladykillers, Alfie, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls and more recently in How to Be a Latin Lover (2017).

The talented actress was also live on stage until 2020. My Life on a Diet is an autobiographical play that she wrote herself back in 1986 and has been performing on the theater stage for years. 

Renée Taylor is still acting

In 2021, Renée Taylor was seen in Tango Shalom, and she also had guest appearances in the series Debris and Viral Vignettes.

Privately, she had to say goodbye to her longtime husband Joseph Bologna in 2017. Renée Taylor has two children with him. Gabriel Bologna, who is also an actor, and Zizi Bologna, who works as a film producer.