• The Nanny is a beloved sitcom from the '90s
  • It starred Fran Drescher and had six seasons
  • Go through the years with the cast in our video!

The Nanny ran for six seasons, ending its run in 1999. The great series was co-created by its star, Fran Drescher, and she took inspiration from her life growing up in Queens.

Through The Years With The Actors From The Nanny

Relatives and friends from that time in Fran Drescher's life were the sources for much of the show. Joining Fran in The Nanny cast were other actors including Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane, and Nicholle Thom.

'The Nanny' Cast Through The Years

But were the stars of The Nanny well known when the show started? And what became of them all when the series ended in 1999?

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Watch the video above to see where the cast members got their start and what they did after the sitcom.