• Actor Ewen MacIntosh is best known from 'The Office'
  • He has passed away at the age of 50
  • THIS is what we know so far

At 50, the actor's passing has left fans and colleagues reflecting on his talent and kindness. And so, it's official. Ewen MacIntosh has left the stage for the final time, leaving a legacy of laughter and a trail of heartbroken fans.

A Heart as Big as His Laughs

The man who brought "Big Keith" to life in the legendary BBC comedy 'The Office' has died, and the world is a little less funny today.

"Ewen was a wonderful actor and an even better human being," said the folks at Just Right Management, confirming the tragic news. They painted a picture of a man whose humor was only outshined by his immense heart and kindness. It's a dark day in the comedy world, folks.

For two years, MacIntosh fought a private health battle, passing away peacefully on February 19th. The cause? Still under wraps. But the love pouring in? Loud and clear. His family, while grieving, is finding solace in the global embrace of Ewen's fans.

Ricky Gervais, the mastermind behind "The Office," took to social media to express his sorrow, calling MacIntosh "an absolute original." Stephen Merchant, Gervais' partner-in-comedy, hailed Ewen as "a lovely, uniquely funny man." Their words? A testament to a talent gone too soon.

"Big Keith," with his monotone magic, made us chuckle without even trying. MacIntosh's portrayal was so spot-on that his improvised voicemail message turned into a script staple. Scene-stealer? Understatement.

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As the curtain falls on Ewen MacIntosh's life, we're left with the echoes of his humor and the warmth of his spirit. Rest in peace, "Big Keith." You'll be missed.