American actress Edie Falco was born July 5, 1963 in NYC. Edie always knew she wanted to act and after graduating from university with a bachelors degree in acting, she would begin her journey to stardom. 

The actress would rise to fame in 1997 when she landed the part of "Diane Whittlesey" on hit HBO series Oz. Following her time on Oz, Edie would land the role that would bring her more success than she could have ever dreamed of!

Edie Falco on The Sopranos as "Carmela"

Edie Falco as "Carmela Soprano"

Edie Falco would land the part of "Carmela Soprano", "Tony Soprano's" wife, on hit drama The Sopranos in 1999. After it was first aired, it wouldn't take long for the show to become an international success and become a six-time Golden Globe, 24-time Primetime Emmy Award, and eight-time Screen Actor Guild Award winner!

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Edie herself would win two Golden Globes, three Emmys, and five Screen Guild Awards for her part! Edie would play the part of "Carmela" for a total of 85 episodes over six seasons and is well remembered for her role! 

Edie Falco attends the 2020 Medea Opening Night

Edie Falco Today

Since the show ended in 2007, Edie Falco has starred in another very successful television series, Showtime's Nurse Jackie. Edie also made an appearance on Broadway in 2011 in a revival of House of Blue Leaves, in which she won a Tony Award nomination for her performance! 

While the actress has never been married and has no plans to, in 2005 she adopted her first child, son Anderson, and in 2008 she adopted her second child, daughter Macy. As a breast cancer survivor and a single mother, Edie Falco is a true inspiration to women everywhere! Make sure to catch the now 58-year-old in her newest series American Crime Story where she portrays Hillary Clinton! 

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