• The Waltons was a popular series
  • It starred David W. Harper as "Jim Bob"
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The Waltons was one of the most successful TV shows of all time. Actor David W. Harper (62) was part of the main cast and played "James Robert "'Jim Bob' Walton". He played the Waltons' second youngest child and their youngest son right up until the series finished in 1981. 

David W. Harper's life after The Waltons 

After The Waltons finished, David W. Harper appeared in a number of smaller roles, one of them in the miniseries The Blue and the Gray (1982) and in the comedy Fletch (1985). However, he wasn't cast in any major roles. 

David W. Harper tried different jobs before deciding to study Business Administration. He is rumored to have worked for Eric Scott's ("Ben Walton") company for a while. Today, Harper has retired from acting but is still a regular at different Waltons fan events. 

The last movies he was seen in include: A Walton Easter (1997) and A Walton Wedding (1995).

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