• Some stars can't handle watching their own scenes
  • They are usually embarrassed by them
  • Here are 5 examples

Movie scenes can sometimes be too hard to rewatch for actors

Hard to believe, but Sean Connery, the "James Bond" legend, preferred to turn a blind eye to the agent during his lifetime. It was not any particular scene that embarrassed the Scot. Rather, it was the macho behaviour of "007", which Connery could very well do without.

Rupert Grint and Emma Watson found it almost disturbing when they had to kiss in 'Harry Potter'. After all, as much as sparks fly between "Ron" and "Hermione" in the fantasy series, the two actors are like siblings in real life. It is understandable that in that case you don't want to watch the kissing scene over and over again.

Emilia Clarke also has an unpleasant story to tell. The "Daenerys" actress was watching an episode of 'Game of Thrones' with her parents and had forgotten that she was naked in it. Embarrassing moments followed for the actress, which she is now reminded of every time she sees the steamy scene.

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Sharon Stone shot a revealing scene for 'Basic Instinct' that is now world famous. We are talking about her so-called "bottomless" performance, in which the actress did not wear any panties.

When filming, she had not been aware of how much naked skin the audience would actually see in the end. When Sharon Stone finally saw the final version, she was so shocked by the images that she slapped director Paul Verhoeven hard across the face!