• Los Angeles hosted to Upfront Summit
  • AI was the main talking point
  • THESE stars featured that evening

The City of Angels was abuzz with more than just the usual celebrity gossip this week, as the venture capital elite descended upon the Upfront Summit. Founded by the visionary Mark Suster, this invite-only VC conference is notorious for its extravagance and this year, it did not disappoint!

A star-studded gala at its finest expression

In a twist that could only happen in LA, the conference glittered with A-listers. Imagine Lady Gaga, Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry, and even the tennis ace Novak Djokovic sharing their insights on the future of technology. Talk about a power panel!

Artificial Intelligence was the belle of the ball, with every tech tycoon and startup whiz buzzing about its endless possibilities. "It's the future," Lady Gaga reportedly exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with the same intensity as her hit "Stupid Love."

But it wasn't all glitz and glam. The VC world has hit some turbulence, making this year's summit a bit more subdued. Startups have felt the pinch, and the big money players were as cautious as they were curious.

"Tough times call for smart investments," murmured a top investor, sipping on a cocktail.

The Upfront Summit may have faced a venture capital frost, but the star power heated things up. As Cameron Diaz put it, "It's about innovation, baby!" 

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And with that, the summit proved that even in the chilliest of economic winters, the fire of creativity and celebrity can keep the tech world warm.