• Many celebrities come from big families
  • Some have a lot of siblings
  • Here are some famous names who have many brothers and sisters

A big family can be a big blessing. Just ask these celebs who grew up with lots of siblings! Starting with one of America's most famous families. The reality television royalty that is the Kardashians. They are six siblings in total, but the other side of the family, the Jenners have three more half-siblings!

These celebs had to share everything growing up

What about some of our favorite singers and recording artists? Did you know that Rihanna has five siblings? Two brothers, two half-sisters, and one half-brother. RiRi has always credited her family with being her strength and her rock!

Also interesting:

Celine Dion has 13 siblings, on the other hand! To be exact, five brothers and eight sisters, and she has often shared that it was difficult for her family to makes ends meet as a child!

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