Jody Latham at the time of his arrest, 14th May, played the role of "Rob Grayson" on EastEnders. The actor, 29, pleaded guilty to growing about 16 cannabis plants with a street value of up to £5,000. 

Jody Latham's excuses

Latham’s barrister Wayne Jackson said the actor had been growing the drug to avoid being caught buying cannabis by the tabloids.

He said the real value of the plants would be around £5,000 if they had all matured.

Latham had spent time at The Priory rehabilitation centre for cannabis addiction.

Jody Latham since the arrest

Following the controversy Latham was surprisingly not fired from the show but was instead fired later on for arguments with colleagues. Since the show, he has only been in one television series and that is Waterloo Road in 2013 as "Steve-O Malone". Except for this Latham has had no other roles, showing how hard his acting career has been hit by his crime.