• 'Home Alone' is legendary
  • One of the stars has cancer
  • He's launching a fundraiser 

Ken Hudson Campbell, the Santa Claus from 'Home Alone,' at the age of 61, has received a cancer diagnosis.

Ken Hudson Campbell: Operation possible thanks to donations

As indicated by his GoFundMe campaign, the star of 'Home Alone' faced a challenging battle against a tumor that had spread to the underside of his mouth, impacting even his teeth. This diagnosis was confirmed on October 27, 2023.

Latest news:

Subsequently, on December 7, a ten-hour operation took place where Campbell underwent the removal of sections of his jawbone, lymph nodes, and a portion of his leg bone. The extracted leg bone is intended for crafting a new jaw for the actor.

In a display of solidarity and support, a GoFundMe campaign was initiated to assist in alleviating the considerable expenses associated with his medical treatment.

The reaction was truly remarkable: the fundraising efforts have amassed over $65,000 to date, providing crucial financial support for the operation of the 'Home Alone' actor.